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Construction is one of the largest contributors to waste generation worldwide, with the hospitality industry significantly contributing to this problem. However, with the increasing focus on sustainable development, it’s becoming increasingly important to reduce waste and promote recycling in construction. Reducing waste starts with proper planning and design. By carefully considering the materials used and...
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Green roofs blog
Especially in the hospitality industry, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in sustainable building design, due to the numerous benefits they offer. A green roof, also known as a living roof, is a vegetative layer that is planted over a waterproofing membrane on top of a building’s roof. These benefits include improved energy efficiency, enhanced...
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The adverse effects of the activity of mankind on the environment are increasing year on year. In an effort to combat and reduce these negative influences, governments and simple citizens alike put pressure on the players in all industries to adhere to stricter rules and innovative practices, to ensure a better world for all.  The...
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The sustainable economy drives the industries transformation and Construction must adapt quickly. ANICON. is all about change; in the process, the mindset, and the future-looking delivery of your construction project. Our industry must Change. ANICON. belongs to the construction and project management industry. But we are not the same with the industry. This is not...
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Developed by the U.S Green Building Council, LEED is a framework for identifying, implementing, and measuring the green building and neighborhood design, construction, operations, and maintenance. LEED is a legitimate, marketable green building rating system that encourages environmental commitment from all stakeholders. A LEED Certified building means that you built an efficient building that provides...
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While until the recent past energy was treated as a fixed cost, a bill to pay at the end of each month, it has nowadays become the epicenter of an evolving reality, where the preservence and protection of the environment take center stage and create a fertile ground for building, constructing and redesigning energy efficient...
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