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Build Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Sustainable Construction100%
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Construction with ANICON.projects

At ΛNICON. we promote the design and construction of green buildings. It is our passion to build efficient buildings that provide the healthiest environment to their end-users while at the same time lowering the impact on the natural environment and resources which in turn positively contributes to our client’s investments by making them more marketable. We are experienced and have delivered a series of LEED-certified buildings.

Over the years, ΛNICON.’s team has built many of Greece’s most prominent landmark buildings. We are proud to be amongst the preferred companies when it comes to residential, hospitality and office projects. ΛNICON.’s strength lies in our combination of local and international experience. We have both the technology and the talent to meet the many challenges that may arise on a project.

ΛNICON. respects and strictly adheres to the construction documents provided during the design phase. ΛNICON. closely works with the client to understand their vision to ultimately fulfil their expectations. We are committed to delivering on our value management promise so that all projects are completed on time and on budget, while creating value.

We have a strong in-house supervision team that is in close collaboration with both the design and client representatives throughout the lifespan of the project. Having a strong track record of delivered projects, we have built a concrete network of certified associates (subcontractors and suppliers) whom we rely on to deliver a high-quality project.

Sustainable Choices


At ΛNICON. we place great importance on safeguarding our environment. We make sensible choices today, to protect the world of tomorrow.  We apply the best sustainable principles to turn the term “cradle to grave” to “cradle to cradle” as a closed-loop as opposed to a destructive open loop which produces waste. It is our short-term goal, to build regenerative projects producing zero energy waste.